Access Bazaar is the wholesale-to-retail marketplace for small business purchases. A three-sided B2B marketplace that simplifies the entire wholesale distribution process.

Dibs is a pricing platform that makes it easy for the fitness industry to maximize revenues by pricing group classes and all visits according to real-time demand instead of charging one price across the board.

Markit is a referral platform that allows physicians to show patients their options before the patient leaves the office.

Opternative is the first online eye exam that can be taken from anywhere, at any time, allowing a patient to receive a doctor issued prescription that can be used to shop anywhere.

Page Vault enables legal professionals to easily capture web content for use as evidence in the U.S. courts.  A cloud-based SaaS subscription solution that provides a trusted third party chain of custody for captures with the simplicity of a screenshot.

Skopenow is an open source search engine that uses computer vision and textual analysis to detect fraud and reduce risk. As an enterprise application and API Skopenow reduces research time and mitigates financial loss.

Empowering people to navigate like a local anywhere on earth.  Spatial is building an interactive and dynamic social layer directly into maps through a human-driven, machine-assisted analysis.



WeDeliver is a crowd-sourced local delivery platform that enables local merchants to complete deliveries in as little as one hour or at an elected time.