Kairos is the Greek God of opportunity and favorable moments 

Caerus Investment Partners is a micro-venture capital firm that provides seed capital to early-stage technology companies. Our goal is to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs with ideas that can transform industries.


Our Story

Caerus was established in response to the funding gap created by the growth in high quality technology startups and the desire for VCs to invest in later stage companies. We believe in an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that promotes diversity in ideas, creativity and people.

Active Investor

We are active investors who believe in developing deep relationships with our portfolio companies. We work side by side with management to help navigate the complexities of a competitive marketplace.

Geographic Footprint

We invest in companies located in the Midwest and New York metro area. Our team has a strong network in these regions. In addition, these areas are under served by traditional VCs who are reluctant to invest outside of Silicon Valley.

We are not seeking any new investment opportunities